Dear Beauty Supporter, 

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There is a void in the world we live in today which causes us to seek completion in things and people (everything that stands on the outside of who we are). We tend to ignore the fact that this void and emptiness yells from within. And the more and more we miss the reason and sound of this inner voice that desires to be touched and rescued the louder it becomes. It is not until we are filled with anger, sadness, and disappointment that this voice becomes a voice with purpose.

Well, let’s talk more about this void and the voice it uses to direct us. Why and how does this happen? It is simply because we are looking to experience fulfillment from the outside first instead of the inside which is where the voice speaks and the void is felt.

This was the birth of Marching Beauties; a time of truth in my very own life. I was looking for pure happiness in people and things. Just to learn later that it was never in those things or people I would ever feel and/or experience wholeness. Not because the people around me didn’t want to bring happiness into my life in the form of friendship etc. it was simply because it was NEVER IN THEIR POWER TO COMPLETE ME. Regardless of my pain and disappointment that may have even been caused by them. So, I began to listen closely to the voice and allowed it to guide me daily. Without understanding or knowing but with full support from individuals as I saw as leaders in my life. I was open to this NEWNESS since the old wasn’t working. This voice whispers and gives personal peace and personal light in the darkest moments of your life. The voice that God uses to speak to His children is what I found.

He led me to truth and peace. God placed on my heart, a purpose that became bigger than me but, gave me the ability to push others to seek the void and voice within themselves. Becoming aware of self, accepting self, forgiving self, visualizing self, speaking with boldness, believing in self and committing to self with action and support. THIS IS MARCHING BEAUTIES! An organization committed to saving our beauties one by one with our 12-week signature workshop, one-on-one mentoring, and a community of sisterhood.

Additionally, we have witnessed this void increase the number of suicidal thoughts and attempts which is why we launched the #iLIVE campaign. To speak to and empower our community as a whole. To speak LIFE into the darkness and giving HOPE to the hopeless. We are MARCHING BEAUTIES!

Yours truly,

Trayonna Rankins