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We strive to create a safe space to mend the hearts of young girls and teach self-love, unity, and leadership. We are dedicated to preventing teen suicide, raising awareness, and extending support and resources to our youth.


Our vision in partnership with viable stakeholders is to aid each beauty in becoming her authentic self. Through hard work and collaboration, we encourage young women to believe in themselves, walk in confidence, dream big, and create healthy habits. We encourage open dialogue to motivate our beauties to seek help in overcoming life's challenges.


Many young girls continue to seek love and validation from the world. That was me, I was a young girl seeking happiness everywhere but from within myself. Through many trials and tribulations, I not only learned my self-worth but that I am in control of my happiness. I educated myself and allowed God to guide me through daily practice. Each day I became more aware, accepting, forgiving, and empowered to grow. I am living with purpose and I am passionate and committed to sharing these components with beauties and communities around the world.  

 Marching Beauties was founded in 2011, later established in 2015 with the hopes of building an organization committed to developing young girls. We are committed to build, to empower, and to unite our community as a whole. We speak LIFE into the darkness and give HOPE to the hopeless. We are MARCHING BEAUTIES! Future generations are counting on us, join us in the fight to save our youth!  


Trayonna Rankins