Y.E.L.L. Ambassadors 

"Youth Expression life Line"

Y.E.L.L. ambassadors are a group of women who desire to connect and serve the youth. Specifically, the young girls that take part in Marching Beauties programming.

Y.E.L.L. ambassadors serve as the voice and #1 supporters within and outside the
community on behalf of Marching Beauties. Our Ambassadors are passionate about the work we do through the Marching Beauties Foundation, and each one uses her authentic voice to share our purposeful mission and vision to the world on behalf of the organization. We are the internal support system; proudly dedicated to showing up and showing out for our community and our beloved Marching Beauties!

We are now looking for 24 women to join our team of ambassadors!


  1. Must be at least 18 years old.

  2. Excited to volunteer your time, talents and most of all your LOVE.

  3. Have a positive attitude, leadership qualities, and a strong desire to serve the community and uplift teen girls.

  4. Each ambassador MUST understand, believe and support the Marching Beauties mission and vision.

  5. Able to commit to the Ambassador role for at least one (1) year.

  6. Willing to speak and share encouraging messages on video on behalf of Marching Beauties.

  7. At least one (1) social media account (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

  8. Able to dedicate at least one (1) hour a week to serve in your role with MB.

  9. Create an outlook email for Marching Beauties business and communication.

  10. Monthly donation of $5.00 (monthly dues)

  11. Attend quarterly meetings based in Los Angeles, Ca.

  12. Attend Marching Beauties events.

  13. Promote/Post/Share the workshop and mentoring services we offer LA communities, organizational updates, events, and special projects.

 SHARE, SHARE, SHARE our MESSAGE of sisterhood, hope & life!!!!!!!

How do you become a Y.E.L.L. ambassador?

  1. Please email marchingbeautiessj@outlook.com with your name, contact information and a statement expressing your interest in serving with Marching Beauties, and our Ambassador Director, Simone Johnson, will email you back with a short questionnaire for you to complete.

  2. Once your questionnaire has been reviewed you will be invited to have a 15-20 minute phone conversation with Simone to chat more about the role, our organization, and our vision!