KENDALL BURKS, Vice President

I’ve watched Marching Beauties grow from an idea into an active force in the community that is changing lives. Young girls need women to share their stories and show them the way to love themselves first. My hope is that Marching Beauties will spread the message of empowerment and advancement across Southern California and eventually the world!


SIMONE JOHNSON, Ambassador Director

Marching Beauties has given me an amazing opportunity to give back to our community and to pour into our teen girls. I’ve also had the chance to connect with other purpose-driven women like me that I now consider family. As Ambassador Director, my goal is to make sure that each new ambassador feels fully welcomed, supported, and inspired within our Marching Beauties sisterhood.


ASHLEY BURRELL, Mentoring Director

I joined Marching Beauties because I realized there aren’t enough positive role models to teach our young girls how to become positive young women. In my role as Mentoring Director, I vow to ensure our mentees are connected with mentors who listen, provide positive insight, and focus on self-esteem building. My wish is for our mentees to complete our program and to model what they’ve learned by teaching others about self-love as they embark on their journeys through life.


OREONIA BROWN, Outreach Director

As the Outreach Director I would like to facilitate a relationship between the community,  our children,  and our organization. As a facilitator I want to help uproot anything that prevents our beauties from being their authentic self. As a mentor I stand unashamed & healed of the wounds of my youth in hopes of encouraging at least 1. Planting seeds & watering it with truth,  transparency,  and love.  I am Marching Beauties! 


JENNA GARCIA, Workshop Director

It is my passion to help those in my community that are looking for the extra encouragement and empowerment they are not receiving elsewhere. I joined Marching Beauties because I was that girl and didn’t realize it until I became and adult. I plan to do whatever is in my power as Workshop Director to bring forth these opportunities to every young girl we encounter.


TACCORA MCGEE, Lead Y.E.L.L. Ambassador

My goal in joining Marching Beauties is to be a positive role model. Young girls need women who have overcome obstacles, become successful in their own lives, and can share their testimony and support. I hope to inspire the young girls we work with and let them know it's ok to not be perfect. Even as adults there are still struggles, but continue to have faith and believe in yourself!!




I chose to be apart of Marching Beauties because I have a heart to help young girls to understand their worth, their value, and that they are not alone in their everyday struggles. As a facilitator and mentor my hope is to make sure other girls don’t make the choices I made. I also want them to see a positive image of a African-American woman who is confident, uniquely beautiful, and successful.



I am apart of Marching Beauties because I strongly believe that pouring into young girls will help with their development into womanhood. As a facilitator, I chose to inspire, encourage and uplift these young girls knowing that I can impact their lives in someway. I’m dedicated to the vision and purpose of this organization. 



I joined Marching Beauties because I care about seeing young girls become empowered and learn the life skills they need to succeed. I have the opportunity to help teach youth life empowerment skills through a  fun and educational curriculum as a facilitator. Mentoring the girls through one-on-one calls inspired me to go back to school for Psychology and to reach my goals as we motivate the girls to do the same.