Our Signature 12 Week Workshop

Our unique workshop is designed to introduce, explain, and most importantly deliver “how” and “why” the topics we cover are essential for their lives. Self development, self authenticity, and purposeful living!  


Brief, intensive, educational program for a relatively small group of young women that focuses on skills in a particular area.


Week 1 - Hey Beauty

Week 2 - Awareness

Week 3 - Acceptance

Week 4 - Forgiveness

Week 5 - Forgiveness

Week 6 - See It

Week 7 - Speak It

Week 8 - Believe It

Week 9 - Take Action

Week 10 - Empower

Week 11 - Open topic (Guest speaker)

Week 12 - It's a Celebration

One-on-One Mentoring 

Mentor Role (Marching Beauties Leader):

Marching Beauties leaders/facilitators (MBL) are dedicated, passionate, and transformative leaders who are ecstatic to steer a group of girls/young women towards their authentic greatness!! 

Our MBLs play a major role in our foundation. Each MBL has been interviewed and well-trained on all curriculum and materials. We are confident that our team of MBLs will arrive ready to deliver a powerful message/lesson. Our hope is that they will plant many seeds in the heart of each beauty (your students). The MBLs are provided an instructional guide on how to lead the workshop. They will create an open/safe space, which may be an unfamiliar place for the participants. Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere to build future leaders!

Each MBL will be assigned 2-3 beauties. They have committed to communicate with each of their beauties 1-2 times per week. In an effort to provide the best service to our beauties, we understand that building a healthy relationship between mentor and mentee is essential. Through our process, the MBL will gain the trust of their beauties and develop a strong connection with each of them. Additionally, we hope that the mentor/mentee communication will help our beauties feel comfortable and confident to share openly during the workshop. It will be a 15-30 minute one-on-one session over the phone and/or in person; to discuss their progress, struggles, and provide advice. 

Building Sisterhood

Unity & Oneness is so important to understand. The Marching Beauties Foundation believes that together we can conquer the world. The development of good relationships is vital, we are building a sisterhood.